Artist Spotlight: Ballet San Jose Dancer Annali Rose

Ballet San Jose dancer Annali Rose

Ballet San Jose corps member Annali Rose

After the dazzling company premiere of Don Quixote, Ballet San Jose is gearing up for an awesome mixed repertory program in March. In preparation for Program Two, we caught up with Annali Rose (one of our new corps de ballet dancers this season) to discuss her dance history with Sacramento Ballet and Trey McIntyre Project, the academic interests she pursues in her free time, and the three words that best describe her (which she answered with a little help from her friends)!

Tell us about your dance background before you came to Ballet San Jose.

The last four years I was dancing with Trey McIntyre Project, which is a small company of 10 dancers that does all of Trey’s choreography. It’s very contemporary work and I enjoyed it a lot. Also, TMP is primarily a touring company. With them I traveled all over the US and internationally as well. So for the last four years I was working with him. And before that, I was with Sacramento Ballet for 9 years — which is actually where I met Trey!

What inspired you to become a dancer?

Well, I was put in ballet because my mother thought it was something that all little girls should do. Obviously I really enjoyed it. As a young dancer, I was inspired by seeing the older students, and I really looked up to them. As a professional dancer, I have been inspired by the other dancers around me and seeing new and interesting work that I felt incredibly fortunate to be a part of. I have worked with some beautiful artists who I have a great amount of respect for. Being a dancer is wonderful because someone may look normal and then they start to move and something inside them blows you away. And that is what inspires me to continue to dance. I want to keep exploring that inner exhilaration that seems to only be accessed through dancing.

Use three words to describe yourself.

I have consulted a couple close friends for help with this. Hopefully I live up to these… Imaginative, Strong and Gracious.

What movies or events did you enjoy in 2012?

I spent a week in Hawaii over the summer, which was lovely, of course. My last week of performing with Trey McIntyre Project was in Reno with Preservation Hall Jazz Band, so that was fun. The last movie I saw was The Hobbit. I tend to enjoy seeing movies at home with family, but I got movie passes for Christmas so I should try to use them!

What non-dancing hobbies or activities do you like to do in your time off?

I am working on my full Pilates certification and teach a few hours a week. I also try to take one class per semester at the local college — the last few years was with Boise State University because that’s where I was based. But I’m hoping I can continue my education here when I regain residency. I am signed up for a ceramics class starting in March. And for something different, I have taken a couple belly dancing classes.

Which works in the new season are you looking forward to?

I haven’t singled out any of the works in particular. But I will say that I’ve been doing all of Trey’s choreography for the last few years so I’m definitely looking forward to doing mixed rep again and doing the work of other choreographers. I love Trey and his work a lot, but I’d love to embrace my classical roots and use the contemporary knowledge I’ve been building up. Hopefully I will be able to apply that to Ballet San Jose’s season. So I guess you could say I’ve been enjoying the diversity.

Are you happy to be back in California?

I’m so happy to be back! My family is in San Jose and Los Altos, so it’s nice to be close to them again. I really love California.

See Annali and the rest of the Company next month as they take on the second program of Ballet SJ’s 2013 Season. Neoclassical Masters (March 22-24, 2013) will include two significant works by celebrated choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton and encore performances of Clark Tippet’s Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 and Stanton Welch’s Clear from last season. We are also extremely excited to welcome back to the Center for Performing Arts internationally acclaimed concert violinist Rachel Lee, whose nuanced performance at our Inaugural Gala last November was truly a highlight.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet — well, why haven’t you? It’s going to be a fantastic program! Head over to to purchase tickets for Program Two, or subscribe to our two-program subscription and plan to join us again in April for the world premiere of Jessica Lang’s new ballet! Cheers!

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