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Tales from the BSJ Box Office: Holiday Windows, Pink Trees and Old Friends

The holidays have arrived at the Ballet San Jose Box Office!

The holidays have arrived at the Ballet San Jose Box Office! (Photo by Dennis Keefe)

LAUREN AND DENNIS HAVE BEEN way too busy to blog lately — which is a really good thing! — but they did want to take a moment to wish everyone a joyous holiday season!

From Dennis:

I recently put up some icicle lights, a wreath, and a Nutcracker in the Box Office window. Meanwhile, Lauren has been assigned the task of putting ornaments on her pink holiday tree, but she seems to think that answering the box office phone is more important, so the poor tree is still only half decorated!

We are watching seats for The Nutcracker disappear before our very eyes as the number of online purchasers has increased drastically this year. There are a couple of performances that will soon be completely sold out!

We’ve been listening to holiday music to keep our spirits up while the weather turns colder and our days grow busier. Speaking of music, did you know that Lauren is a songbird? She has her own jazz band that performs  several times a month throughout the city. We can’t wait to hear her sing. We also have the pleasure of listening to the busy workers as they get the beautiful costumes ready for the show. There are roadboxes upon roadboxes full of costumes right outside our door.

Here’s another interesting piece of news: starting this Thursday, not only are we staying open until 6:00 PM — we’ll also have the wonderful assistance of Jess Hutchins once again! He is returning to the Box Office for the Christmas season because Lauren and I can no longer do it alone. Yes, we are THAT busy!

Mostly, we cannot wait to see this year’s production. Every season brings a new reason to see this production of The Nutcracker because every year the dancers, the lighting, the costumes, the sets all are just a little bit different than they were the year before. We love to stand in the lobby after the curtain goes up and watch the show on the TV monitors. We have so much fun pointing out the little nuances we’ve missed in the past. Maybe this year we’ll catch Lauren doing her best Cabriole (I looked that one up on Wikipedia) through the empty lobby!

Happy holidays!
Dennis (and Lauren) 

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