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Ballet San Jose’s Volunteers: They Make the World Go ‘Round

volunteers like Rommel and Minnie have generously donated their time to Ballet San Jose, and we appreciate every moment!

Volunteers like Rommel and Minnie have generously donated their time to Ballet San Jose, and we appreciate every moment!

With 2012 Season subscriptions available for renewal and single tickets for Programs 1 and 2 now on sale, we are gaining momentum in our sprint toward March 2. Ballet San Jose‘s dancers are working closely with people like David Richardson and American Ballet Theatre’s Susan Jones to stage Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 and Paquita, respectively. Meanwhile, we second-floor dwellers are also working hard to get the season’s programs up and running on schedule.

However, the hard work isn’t limited to employees or dancers in the company. Volunteers from around the area have generously stepped forward to donate their time as well.

A number of our season subscribers, parents of Ballet San Jose School students, and long-time supporters have volunteered to help us with community outreach. Since Tuesday, volunteers have arrived at the Ballet San Jose studios every evening and spent hours calling last year’s subscribers, urging them to renew before the 2012 Season opens. The volunteers have a great time talking about last year’s ballets and discussing the upcoming pieces. And with this “Season of Premieres” fast approaching, there is certainly a lot to talk about.

In fact, I’ve heard the volunteers had so much fun Tuesday night that many of them asked if they could come back for a second night of outreach.

Lee told me that he couldn’t have asked for a better crew:

It’s a whole different ball game when the person calling you from Ballet San Jose is a volunteer—a volunteer who really loves the organization and believes in what we do. We are incredibly lucky to have help from people who truly believe in our artistic staff. You can’t really put a price on that kind of support.

As someone who is relatively new to the organization, I can’t describe how cool it is to know that Ballet San Jose has these kinds of supporters. They aren’t limited to doing outreach over the phone; Ballet San Jose is fortunate enough to have volunteers who are willing to help with any number of tasks, from working the “Will Call” booth during shows to helping out at the boutique during The Nutcracker. I come from a small business background, and this is my first foray into the world of nonprofits. Bit by bit, I’m discovering that there are some amazing things about nonprofits that you just don’t find anywhere else.

This morning, we announced an addition to Program 2 (April 13-15) of Ballet San Jose’s 2012 Season: Stanton Welch’s Clear, an introspective work and showcase for male dancers that was inspired by September 11. It looks like this piece is going to be phenomenal. So if you get a call from one of our volunteers in the next couple of weeks, make sure you renew your subscription to see the amazing shows we have lined up for the season. You won’t want to miss any of them.

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